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with hard-to-find tools that last,  and gifts for the gardeners in your life.

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Ever bought a great book about gardening with all good intentions, only to have it end up another pretty shelf ornament? What you need is Level Zero – gardening for absolute beginners.
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Here are all our latest garden stories – some are regular garden calendar reminders for frequent visitors, and some are inspired by folks who ask. Enjoy 
home grown raspberries

thank you for your kind words…

put the kettle on

(Square review)

“Sonya was warm and welcoming upon our arrival. She explained how the shop worked and about the quality of the goods. A great start Sonya to becoming a very successful business. Can not wait to visit again.”

(Square review)

“Very informative visit, love the shop and all its goodies.”


“A treasure trove of quality goods. We were made feel very welcome. Thank you.”


“OMG, hurry up and open!! Can’t wait to visit – we love peeking at your progress as we go on our Lockdown walks”

JAMES the book nerd

“Was so sad to hear my favourite bookbinder is hanging up her bonefolder, but now I see you’ll open a garden shop soon – awesome!! We have loved seeing the garden when we visit – now we can ask all the questions we like xxx”


“The best thing I have learned so far is that vegetables are in families and we can start growing each family starting with an easy one. Woohoo” (Facebook) JAN2021


“Growing food always seems such sweet sorcery. It is nice to have the magic revealed” (Insta) 


“Iso-gardening seemed like a good idea but the ‘beginner’ book we got online was too much information! Pretty relieved to find the Level Zero of growing veg. We are on our way. 👍


“Garden Haiku.
Such a nice activity.
In the Summer shade.”


“Hello from Osaka >o< we don’t have a garden because our apartment is on 11th floor. Your garden is very enjoyable.”

ADAM (Instagram)

“Beetroot. If I had to choose one thing to grow it would be beetroot. Who knew you could eat the leaves, and the roots, raw and cooked?! Well, maybe everyone else knew, but we didn’t. Brilliant.”

LEANNE (Facebook)

“I followed your [asparagus] guidelines… The thing I didn’t know how to grow is the one thing that is growing well. My kiddo is going to be so excited to see it. Thank you again.” 


“One phrase so simple but has changed everything, ‘there is no away‘.  That one phrase is reshaping how we eat and live” 


“haha – just realised you are in Australia!
I’m in Arizona but still totally hooked. Your mustard recipe is a big hit!”  


“Marmalade cake YUM get in my mouth please.”


“I can hear Dad’s voice in your writing.
It’s wonderful you are building on what he taught you in the garden.”