home grown raspberries

From garden to plate, and back.

From garden to plate and back, in small steps, with simple tools and few rules, no matter how big or small your place is.

Thank you for finding us on your way to growing, making and closing the loop at your place. If you are just starting out and a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. Our stories are sorted below into three sections of the absolute basics, garden to plate, and closing the loop at your place.
It is the full food cycle, oldeschoole.

Thank you for your kind words…

  • “I followed your [asparagus] guidelines… The thing I didn’t know how to grow is the one thing that is growing well. My kiddo is going to be so excited to see it. Thank you again.” (Facebook)


  • Iso-gardening seemed like a good idea but the ‘beginner’ book we got online was too much information! Pretty relieved to find the Level Zero of growing veg. We are on our way. 👍

    Ricky & family

  • “Asparagus always seems so exotic. You say I can keep it in a pot even? I’ll give it a try and yell out if I get stuck. I am in Adelaide BTW 🙂” (Facebook)