About us

Australian Blue Fairy Wren

We are in a southern cool temperate part of Victoria in Australia, and our experience reflects the climate here. We have lived on acreage, in the suburbs, and in a proverbial shoebox, but the principals are the same – grow it, make it, and close the loop on your waste and resources wherever you can.

No matter where you live, you can take a lot of the practical experience we’ve built and enjoy your journey; avoiding some of the botches and muck-ups we’ve already made for you, and making the most of the things we have found give you big bang for buck, so to speak.

There are lots of great products and jiggers in the Garden Shop to make your journey quicker when time slips away from you, and we will share what has worked well for us, but you can also go the slower road, and make do with much less.  


put the kettle on

Stories about us

Here are a few snippets to help you get to know us and how we got this far.  We will add bits n pieces over time, and hopefully you find it enjoyable. If you are keen, here are more stories about us.

There is no ‘away’

There is no ‘away’

This past 40 years we have been drunk on convenience with no concept of cost. We now know there ARE costs and we cannot unknow it. We can no longer ‘throw away’.

The good dirt

The good dirt

This is the good dirt, and we are stoked to share it with you.