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We have been gardening, growing, making and closing the loop for many years now, and always had lots of interest in how we achieve it. Folks love to visit and even if they only came to deliver the milk, drop off a parcel, pick up a visiting child or many other reasons, almost no-one can walk past the vegie beds without asking about our experiences or help to start their dibber and boots journey too. We are always happy to share in person, but since folks often ask the same questions, it also made sense to help out with making it available in one place. So, here we are 🙂

More than anything, we want our experiences to be fun to read, easy to try, and always free.

Our recommendations are real.

We show you our tools, favourites and go-to handy goodies that we use ourselves and are super happy with. We don’t review stuff for the sake of it, or get any payment to use things, or accept offers of free stuff, or fake it in any way. Seriously it’s not that organised here – if we love it, we share it – that’s it, and if we have a no-cost alternative to suggest, we share that too. You won’t see manicured pics and influencer nonsense, we just don’t have the time or inclination.

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More than anything, we are keen to be open and generous with our time and experience, tidy and secure online, and totally up front about how to keep it sustainable.