Remember back in late Autumn we put our Level Zero Alliums in, without fuss or extra attention since then. Even though they will still power on for another few months, we can ‘bandicoot‘ them any time that we like, since being bunching onions, they grow and multiply.
In our household, we have folks that love onion but are upset by allium WHITES (‘LOFO’ – low FODMAP), and regardless, it is important to use every bit of what we grow, so our alliums are harvested to use everything, stored with their green and white bits seperated.

💚 Harvest everything

In these pics you can see the ‘scapes’ – immature flower spears. Whilst the scape stems are still very bendy, they are rediculously yummy and perfect for steaming, stir-frying, chopping with other greens.. there is simply no reason to discard them.

💚 Freezing is your friend

You may notice I have chopped the greens straight into the freezer container outside without washing.  Note that we have a totally organic garden with no sprays, and to ensure they are clean, I water/wash them in the morning with the hose whilst they are still living. When moisture is gone, I harvest right into the container so there are no extra steps and no excess water chrystals in the containers with produce. 

freezing - such a great way to store onions

We harvest, chop and freeze allium greens and whites seperately, harvesting through the season BEFORE the skins turn dry. That way, they dont need peeling or prep – no extra steps!  Pre-chopped is so very convenient.

Yes, that is my freezer! We have used those flat containers for freezing harvest (not for cooking) for more than 10 years, so they have well and truly earned thair plastic keep. They keep harvest frozen flat and unsquished so as to be seperated for use easily and convenient to take in and out of the freezer. The permanent marker comes off with a spritz of metho or alcohol that I use for cleaning in the kitchen. Here are more of our freezer routine stories 👍

➡️ Harvest continuously, chop and freeze everything.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿