It’s apple season. We got apples coming out of our whatsitz. Apple crumble, apple sauce and freezing apples for later are all on the schedule. For me though, nothing beats a freshly cooked apple for breakfast. By ‘breakfast’, those who know me know that’s more likely a lunch substitute at about 10am.

it is apple season

Small lattes start the day.

small lattes start the day

Coffee does first at 7am. Everyone has their vice, and mine is caffeine. Days without my man making our morning brew are… ‘depresso’.

True story.

On our last holidays, we actually took Barney Breville with us. Yep, that’s a true story too haha.

By mid-morning though, I’m ready for something fresh, substantial, home-made, toasty and FAST. Apples, muesli and yogurt is all that. So, enough chat, here it is.

apple, muesli and yogurt

The muesli is our own ‘bits n pieces’ mix – about 2/3 rolled oats and 1/3 whatever we have left over. That includes boxed cereal crumbs (eg. weetbix), dried fruit, seeds, nuts – whatever we are using up – it all goes into the muesli tin. It is a great way to reduce food waste and makes a truly scrumptious breakfast. I also use this mix as the base for our apple crumble. 😉

Apples for breakfast

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gently cooked apple with muesli and yogurt
Apples for breakfast. Why not. With home made muesli and yogurt, it's a bonza start to the day.
Section: Breakfast
Hero: apples
Features: Easy, left-overs, Vegetarian


  • 1 whole apple organic, washed and cubed
  • 1 spoon yogurt ours is home made Greek, see notes
  • 1 serving muesli home made 'bits n pieces', see notes
  • 1 tsp honey


  • Put chopped apple with honey in a small pan on medium heat, with a spritz of water to speed things up if you like. Cook til just softened, but not mushy – about 5 min.
  • At the same time, measure out your chosen bowl serving size of meusli, put into a dry pan on low heat to toast. Watch it and stir/move so it doesn't burn. When you can smell it and the seeds begin to 'pop', you are close – about 5 min.
  • When muesli is ready, pour into a bowl, and swish the hot pan with water. It'll be clean and dry in no time as there were no oils – easy clean-up. Winner. The apple n honey pan is a quick swishtoo if not overcooked. Winner again!
  • A lovely big dollop of yogurt on top (even more if you have teenagers – haha).


  • Apples can be replaced with just about any fruit in season. We have this easy breakfast with peach, pear, plums, berries – whatever is in a glut.
  • Muesli we use our own ‘bits n pieces’ mix. It is the same mix I use to make apple crumble, with butter and sugar added of course. Super easy and yum. 
  • Yogurt can be any flavour, but we think Greek or natural is best. The Thermomix Basic Green book recipe for yogurt – the pot set variation – is our favourite.