‘Dad, we don’t have any spuds in the pantry, are the new ones ready yet?’
‘Not quite, but race out and bandicoot some – the one on the end that’s flowering should be good for a few.’

I learned this term when I was a pup, and though I am not sure it’s used that much these days, we certainly do use it here in the D&B garden.  Bandicooting is when you gently dig down at the base of a plant that isn’t quite ready to fully harvest, just to grab a few sneaky early spuds, or bunching onions, or sweet potato, or peanuts, or even leaves from above ground from plants like beetroot or garlic or peas or beans.

The idea is not to disturb the plant from growing, but just sneak something early and put back its soil or mulch, water well and keep it growing. The term seems obvious – referring we assume to the way bandicoots dig small inconspicuous holes next to plants, nibble a few roots without killing a plant, and moving on.

Look wide; grow well 🌿