Trenching garden bed waste

Aside from collecting scraps etc. from the kitchen, the other MAJOR source of organics (plant matter) that we use to improve and build great soil in the garden is the exact stuff that took the nutrients out of that garden space in the first place. Here is how..

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boom & bust

This story is for Rosalyn, who asked ‘Why do the fruit trees sometimes have lots and sometimes fruit hardly at all? Grab a cuppa and take a seat – this is a long one.

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berry tidy bed

Once in Spring or Summer we tidy the berry bed. We have strawberries and blueberries in together because they enjoy the same conditions. It’s not a complete pull-through, just routine stuff that takes about an hour, tops. Come see how.

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level zero sweetcorn

With a greenhouse, you can jumpstart sweetcorn seeds way back in October. With seed, you can start in November, but this is Level Zero – we grow corn for the first few years with the most simple methods to experience success and learn basic essential skills. Let’s go.

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Zucchini experiment 2020

Every year we experiment with new ideas and ways to push the food-growing envelope. We have successes and failures. Plenty of failures. Sometimes though, we slam dunk a winner, and a lot of our growing practices come from incorporating them into the seasonal calendar.

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marigolds in spring for pollinators

Marigolds – so sunny and bright and a must-have in your Level Zero garden. The seeds are like funny little sticks. In fact they hardly look like seeds at all, but they grow strong and fragrant, attracting helpful critters and making the mischievious ones less than comfortable.

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grans advice about timing

I lived with Gran during my University years, in the kitchen and out in the garden – cooking and laughing together… here is my Gran’s golden advice, on the topic of Timing.

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your Basket


Level Zero is for absolute beginner gardeners