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Autumn raspberry canes are go!

Christmassy summer raspberries are yum…. but I couldn’t be bothered with all the fuss to grow them. Oldschool no-name tough-as-nails Autumn raspberries are for us, and now is the time to get them in. Here are a few tips to get you started..

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Trenching, umm boxing

If you have read some of our other trenching stories, you’ll be familiar with the layered nature of what goes into the hole. What if the situation requires an above-ground approach? We’ve done that too, and it worked for us. Here is how..

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Calendula in Winter for Pollinators

Spring is coming, and though the weather is still snappy-chilly, it won’t be long before our pollinators are buzzing about. In our Level Zero flower calendar (the ‘just-chuck-em-in’ kind), Calendula are perfect to sow in August (though any time Autumn to Spring is fine too).

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Accessible Tools

Has your body stopped co-operating? There ARE tools for you to reduce strain and keep you motoring along in your garden without the force needed for larger species of worktool.

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Grandad’s Scotch Broth

This is not really a recipe, but a lesson I learned early from my Dad about making good food simply. You can make this hearty winter favourite with lamb, but also any other meat or veg alternative that suits – sooo handy, easy and CHEAP!! This is one of three recipes we teach the kids for when they have big appetites and very little cash.

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Tiny backyard birds

Twittering, darting, courting, making plans and auditioning nesting sites – the tiny birds in our garden are taking a real interest in bushes and protected low-to-ground niches, but there are a few dangers to watch out for on their behalf, and some things we can do to make them welcome all year..

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Fighting foodflation in the garden

Costs are going up. Here in the Dibber & Boots garden, we are planning our coming food year with best Bang for Buck in mind. We love diversity and taste and reliability and novelty… but right now, I’m driven by value. Financial and nutritional bang for buck.

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Garlic is up

It is six weeks since we chucked the Level Zero garlic in, and in mid-winter, they are up and happy. Let’s take a look..

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