No-Worries Marmalade Cake

It is the jam and marmalade making season, but if you still have jars taking up space from last year, then it may be time to turn them into seriously easy, forgiving and thoroughly yummy cake. This is especially for customers in the shop who have tasted this cake and asked for the recipe. Let’s go.

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The alliums in our vegetable gardens are oniony, enjoy cool climates, all parts edible, disliked by most pests, handy in the kitchen and mostly easy to grow. Let’s meet them.

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The Stock Cycle

We grow, make and store, but that’s not near the whole story.
In order to really make the most of our resources, and reduce food waste, we need to be sure every single edible part of the plants we grow can be used. This is the ‘stock cycle’.

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Mining Plastic

Even if we stopped making virgin plastic right now, there would still be enough out in the world to last us forever. Time to get it back.

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