garden by season

To garden by Season, we mean your local time of the year. It is what you see and feel in your yard, not the wall calendar or the stereotypes in stories. Though we will use the traditional names for seasons here for reference, you won’t look back if you really connect with how the year feels and changes at your place.

Here is a look at some of the fundamentals in each basic season, to refine and craft into a more bespoke flow of the year for you. It may change as the climate changes and as the growing environment breathes in and out in cycles where you live.

garden by season in summer 1
garden by season in autumn
garden by season in winter
garden by season in spring

The seasonal journal is your best friend

Even more important is to build your knowledge and your patch together, and the only way we know truly works is to get a journal and start observing. All the fancypants apps, tricks and gadgets don’t mean a thing without old fashioned notes in your hand to refer, remember, refine, repeat and rejoice in how it all begins to fit together like the notes of a song.

See HERE for how to start and keep a perpetual seasonal companion. It will change how you understand, appreciate and love where you live.

garden by seasonal notes in your perpetual journal
The ‘Atlanticus 365’ perpetual seasonal garden journal, by the Sago on Tuesdays bookbinder.