If you are growing fruit for the first time, have inherited an orchard on your property, or looking to expand your fruit harvest, this book is seriously the go-to companion you will keep going back to. We have a whole bookshelf of wonderful Australian reference books. Some are very specific, and not just a bit daunting, but a few really stand out. This is amongst our favourite handful. Written by Alan Buckingham, this has been adapted by Jennifer Wilkinson for the Australian context.

It breaks my heart to say we have learned recently that this Australian Edition is entirely out of print, but you can still get Alan’s British version, here. It has all the same great information, but of course the months to seasons are opposite.

If however you are super keen for the Aussie edition, we do have a few loved ‘hen’s teeth’ copies of it that we loan out to folks, and which are available to purchase directly from us. Pls contact us to enquire. If you happen to see a copy out in the wilds, snap it up!

Grow Fruit book has very practical information
Down-to-earth practical book you can use year after year

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Essential

Please do consider the irony of cutting down a tree for paper to make a book about trees – and perhaps buy a new book in print if you feel it will stay with you for a long time or can be shared with someone else after you. Buying books second hand is a great way to make the most of resources that someone else has finished with.
Many of our loved books were loved before.

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Look wide; grow well, folks

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