Days warm and the rain comes in fits and bursts. In fact, crazy November weather days can be hot, stormy, wet or full of pollen, giving folks with asthma an extra spring challenge. This is when the Orion constellation is setting in the western sky around sunrise. The local season of  ‘Buath Gurru’ – Season of flowering grasses.

Kangaroo and wallaby grasses at our place bend gently together as the weather builds before rain. This season we are careful to check the doggos paws for grass seeds.

The signs of Buath Gurru

Local Buliyong (microbats) are catching insects in flight. You may see them just after dusk. ‘Balayang’, the indigenous creation being brother to Bunjil the wedgetail, is also referred to as the bat, and features in stories at this time of year.

Male Common Brown butterflies are flying up in the tree canopies and also right down amongst the kangaroo grass right now, and in our area of Victoria, are likely the most common native butterfly you’ll see in the garden this month.

Coranderrk (Victorian Christmas Bush, Prostanthera lasianthos) is coming into flower.

Cherry ballarts are fruiting, with their fascinating structure of a dark seed perched on the end of the fruit flesh rather than inside it. They fruit in multicolours – orange, pink, red and purple, on the one bush. So beautiful.

Kookaburras call at dawn and dusk, marking out their family plot proudly, with breeding now in full swing. In favourable conditions Kookaburras can live for more than 20 years and have the same partner for life.

Buath Gurru in our garden

  • Flowering grasses means potent pollen abundance – if you get hayfever, it will really kick in this month.
  • Tempestuous weather can be a pain with young seedlings around, especially if they have been transplanted recently; keep an eye on weather reports. A plastic planter pot with the base cut out is handy to push down over young plants for extra protection.
  • Securing garden items at night is a good idea too.
  • Hot days happen in this season, but many plants are not yet strong enough to withstand it. Some hession sheets or bags can be great temporary heat shade held up with short canes.
  • Early tomato flowers can be pollinated effectively by seasonal winds this month, getting a jump on early nightshade treats.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿