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There is no ‘away’

This past 40 years we have been drunk on convenience with no concept of cost. We now know there ARE costs – landfill waste, pollution, emission, planned obsolescence,  modern slavery, resource depletion, false economy and product dumping. We can neither deny nor unknow these things. We can no longer ‘throw away’. 

There is no ‘away’. 

The good news is it is not so long ago that we knew how to mend and repair, to grow, to make, to share, to reuse, to wear out, to save, and to make do. We can get those skills back. We are the link to helping future generations grapple with the world we have left by learning, sharing and passing on skills humans had for millenia and lost in only about 40 years. 

Essentially, opening our eyes to how we make and consume, to then actively regenerate resources or at least effectively sequester at end of life. We can create more circular prudential resource systems that show we know where our stuff comes from, how it is used, and where it ends up.

Educating ourselves on all aspects of daily life, of resources, science, waste and culture – is about life literacy.

My dad used to say being literate about life has two benefits – one is that you’ll meet all sorts of folks and need to appreciate and get along with most of them. 

The other is just as important 
– to be able to smell bullshit from a bit farther away.  😉


Australian Fairy wren in boys hands

The good dirt

My dad used to say, when we ate straight out of the veggie bed after school, ‘Just brush off your hands, wipe the veg on your shirt, and get it into you; that’s the good dirt’. I’m not sure how scientific that was, but we could be found in the garden most days, ‘bandicooting’ whatever looked ready and by dinner time, often already munched down more than our daily 5 serves.

Those memories have stayed with me, and have marinated into the principle I have now for making the most of the water, sun and soil, and the precious time we have to make something of it. It’s often unpretty, usually not like on the blogs, but it is real life and we have already learned a lot. After a decade of sharing tips and helping all sorts of folks, we have finally begun putting it down in words.  The kids, like we did, have eaten a lot straight from the garden. It also means they have been out in it – felt the seasons pass, seen the local wildlife come and go, said howdy to neighbours and gotten their hands dirty too.

This is the good dirt, and we are stoked to share it with you.

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redback boots

Dibber & Boots

Welcome to Dibber & Boots. We are located in a southern cool temperate part of Australia, so our experience of growing and making is in this kind of climate. We have lived on acreage, in the suburbs, and in a proverbial shoebox, but the principles are the same – grow, make and close the loop on your waste and resources wherever you can. There are lots of great products and jiggers to make your journey quicker when time slips away from you, and we will share what has worked well for us, but you can also go the slower road, and make do with much less.  All you really need is a simple dibber for planting, and good boots.  Let’s go.