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grans advice about timing

There are a few precepts that I carry with me, that help me slow down and live more simply. One of the best gems came from my Gran, from chatting in the kitchen and out in the garden – cooking and laughing together… here is my Gran’s golden advice, on the topic of Timing.

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Hold on, folks

So close! We very nearly got to open the garden shop. Aah well, we are all safe and healthy, and that is what matters. We will have a crack again next Thursday Sep 23rd, if the lockdown ends. In the meantime…

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Ordinary marvel

Over a lifetime, we find and hold just a few precepts that speak to us, and inform how we live. This one has, perhaps surprisingly, become a driving force behind growing our own food and living simply, and today we share it with you.

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There is no ‘away’

This past 40 years we have been drunk on convenience with no concept of cost. We now know there ARE costs and we cannot unknow it. We can no longer ‘throw away’.

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