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A minute a day.

Holiday diets don’t work. They also don’t work in the garden. Find out why, and how to avoid the GroundHog Day syndrome that prevents long term success for beginners.

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Calendula in Winter for Pollinators

Spring is coming, and though the weather is still snappy-chilly, it won’t be long before our pollinators are buzzing about. In our Level Zero flower calendar (the ‘just-chuck-em-in’ kind), Calendula are perfect to sow in August (though any time Autumn to Spring is fine too).

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Dividing Rhubarb in Winter

Our unstoppable heritage rhubarb is a powerhouse that barely rests, even in winter. At some point though, we need to divide the clumps to give them space to grow and stay healthy. Let’s go.

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Garlic is up

It is three and a half weeks since we chucked the Level Zero garlic in, and in mid-winter, they are up and happy. Let’s take a look..

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To the tunnels! 👉

With no greenhouse, we get a jump on the growing season with these easy temporary poly tunnels. With a few tips and tricks, give your plants the best chance for a head start.

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Trenching garden bed waste

Aside from collecting scraps etc. from the kitchen, the other MAJOR source of organics (plant matter) that we use to improve and build great soil in the garden is the exact stuff that took the nutrients out of that garden space in the first place. Here is how..

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