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Fighting foodflation in the garden

Costs are going up. Here in the Dibber & Boots garden, we are planning our coming food year with best Bang for Buck in mind. We love diversity and taste and reliability and novelty… but right now, I’m driven by value. Financial and nutritional bang for buck.

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Garlic is up

It is six weeks since we chucked the Level Zero garlic in, and in mid-winter, they are up and happy. Let’s take a look..

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Grafted fruit trees

What is a grafted fruit tree? You may have heard the term but not really know what it means. Can’t you just grow a lemon, a plum or an apple from a seed?

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The alliums in our vegetable gardens are oniony, enjoy cool climates, all parts edible, disliked by most pests, handy in the kitchen and mostly easy to grow. Let’s meet them.

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Autumn flowers for Pollinators

For many garden veggies, we need pollinators. We want the to feel as welcome as possible, so our veggie patch is firmly on their regular travel schedule – come for the flowers, stay for the veggies. Right now is a great time to sow cheap and easy Level Zero flower seeds (the ‘just-chuck-em-in’ kind) right there in your garden bed or pot, next to veggies. No seedlings, no fussing, no prep. Here are our top picks for Autumn.

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Haiku in the garden

Haiku in the garden are valuable. They help us to slow down, to be still and quiet for a moment, and feel the season. They are the beginning of a conversation with the place where we grow.

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