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Ever bought a great looking book about gardening, but after the temporary hit of ‘I’m so gonna make a start’ it soon ends up another pretty shelf ornament on the alter of ‘too hard; too much to learn’? What you are missing is Level Zero.

Welcome to Level Zero.

There is a level zero for every garden skill, but most books and garden shows don’t start there.
Here are a few basic rules to help us focus on what is really important when just starting out.

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Once you are confident, it is time to dive in and have a crack. Pick your season and make a start. There are vegie families to meet, flowers for pollinators to plant, and lots of great easy tips and tricks to try.  Please ask questions in the comments - it helps us to decide what to write about and how to best help you. 🌿


level zero nightshades

This is growing nightshades at Level Zero for absolute beginner gardeners. Learn to grow these, and the rest of the family will fall into place. The easiest to grow are the potatoes, and everyone wants tasty tomatoes too, so we start there. Let’s go.

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Level Zero Alliums

This is growing alliums at Level Zero, for absolute beginner gardeners. Learn to grow these first, then branch out into other tasty allium treats.

    Rhubarb, Rhubarb

    I must be a child of the seventies - I just cannot say 'Rhubarb' once! More on that later. Rhubarb is a gem in your garden - perennial, forgiving, and an instant desert or breakfast hero. Here are some top tips, and now is a perfect time to plant them.

    We are tool nerds, no doubt about it. Starting out though, you don't need near so many, and can spend way too much on ...stuff. Here are the absolute essentials tools that are often hard to find, last and last, work like a champion, and look mighty good doing it. On the second tab are also some super handy skills to help you.🌿

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    Oscillating Hoe

    Goodness, our very first YouTube video. Special thanks go to our technical advisor (Mr15)👍, because we are Level Zero at making videos 😉.