Category: WINTER

Spring Snow

When you grow food in cool temperate regions, it pays to know your snow seasons.Here in Napoleons, that is during Poorneet (September, early Spring), and sometimes later even in November some years. It snowed today ❄️🌿

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Calendula in Winter for Pollinators

Spring is coming, and though the weather is still snappy-chilly, it won’t be long before our pollinators are buzzing about. In our Level Zero flower calendar (the ‘just-chuck-em-in’ kind), Calendula are perfect to sow in August (though any time Autumn to Spring is fine too).

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Level Zero Asparagus

Asparagus is a Level Zero gardening treasure. It isn’t that fussy, will likely grow without attention and pop up with surprise goodies every Spring to remind you that you are still kicking goals. Sweet. 😉👌🌿

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