Category: Goodies

Our Australian Boot Jack

A gardener, a patternmaker and a foundry got together to make a traditional Boot Jack. That we know of, it is the only one made in Australia, from local iron. We are so excited. Come see how it happened…

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Contactless travel cutlery

Giving my bag a tidy out this week I thought folks might like to see my super handy home made travel lunch kit. With contactless food pickup at the moment, it is also a way to be totally sure of where your eating tools have been.

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Hold on, folks

So close! We very nearly got to open the garden shop. Aah well, we are all safe and healthy, and that is what matters. We will have a crack again next Thursday Sep 23rd, if the lockdown ends. In the meantime…

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Staub, my one-pot.

My handsome cast iron 5.2L Staub Cocotte with Steamer, and boy is it earning its keep. The steamer on top takes it to a new level, so we get two ways to cook in every meal.

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Rex, old faithful.

Rex is our old faithful. No, not a dog, a jar. Rex jars. They and their WECK cousins preserve, store, display and celebrate your food beautifully. Zero plastic, oven, freezer and microwave safe too.

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My metal funnel

We want to love and buy local rather than import, reduce plastics and consumption of single use glass given it has a far lower rate of recycling than metal/tin. Let’s do both, with a metal funnel.

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