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Ever bought a great looking book about gardening, but after the temporary hit of ‘I’m so gonna make a start’ it soon ends up another pretty shelf ornament on the alter of ‘too hard; too much to learn’? What you are missing is Level Zero. 
Click on 'START HERE' to see the most basic and helpful ways to take your first steps growing and gardening.

Once you are confident, it is time to dive in and have a crack. Pick your season and make a start. There are vegie families to meet, flowers for pollinators to plant, and lots of great easy tips and tricks to try.  Please ask questions in the comments - it helps us to decide what to write about and how to best help you.


Marigolds in Spring for pollinators

Marigolds - so sunny and bright and a must-have in your Level Zero garden. The seeds are like funny little sticks. In fact they hardly look like seeds at all, but they grow strong and fragrant, attracting helpful critters and making the mischievious ones less than comfortable.

Rhubarb monster flower alert

The rhubarb has been great already - yummy stems aplenty, but as the weather warms, up come flowering stems that seem to take over. What now?

Autumn raspberry canes are go!

Christmassy summer raspberries are yum.... but I couldn't be bothered with all the fuss to grow them. Oldschool no-name tough-as-nails Autumn raspberries are for us, and now is the time to get them in. Here are a few tips to get you started..

Calendula in Winter for Pollinators

Spring is coming, and though the weather is still snappy-chilly, it won't be long before our pollinators are buzzing about. In our Level Zero flower calendar (the 'just-chuck-em-in' kind), Calendula are perfect to sow in August (though any time Autumn to Spring is fine too).

We are tool nerds, no doubt about it. Starting out though, you don't need near so many, and can spend way too much on ...stuff. Here are the absolute essentials tools that are often hard to find, last and last, work like a champion, and look mighty good doing it. On the second tab are also some super handy skills to help you.


Accessible Tools

Has your body stopped co-operating? There ARE tools for you to reduce strain and keep you motoring along in your garden without the force needed for larger species of worktool.

A minute a day.

Holiday diets don't work. They also don't work in the garden. Find out why, and how to avoid the GroundHog Day syndrome that prevents long term success for beginners.