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Three-trick pony

I used to live with my Gran when I went to university. She taught me a lot about making good food, eating simply and making do. It has had a strong influence on how we live now.

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Quick Mitts

Bought oven mitts are.. disappointing. Linen oven mitts are great, but pricey. Have your cake, and bake it too, with your very own no-waste linen quick-mitts.

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Volunteers welcome

Who wouldn’t want more volunteers in the garden? If you do trenching, you’ll have more show up than you could have hoped for, and every single one happy and tasty. Haha.

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Go paperless

The Gardening Australia magazine – DIGITAL version – is cost effective, up-to-date, accessible, paperless and dang handy. Never read out-of-date magazines that you aren’t into at the doctor’s office ever again 😉👍

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Try Trenching

Not enough space or time for composting, or just not keen? Try trenching instead to use your food waste, no matter how big or small your place is.

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Contactless travel cutlery

Giving my bag a tidy out this week I thought folks might like to see my super handy home made travel lunch kit. With contactless food pickup at the moment, it is also a way to be totally sure of where your eating tools have been.

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Plastic Footprints

Even if we stopped making virgin plastic right now, there would still be enough out in the world to last us forever. Time to get it back.

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My metal funnel

We want to love and buy local rather than import, reduce plastics and consumption of single use glass given it has a far lower rate of recycling than metal/tin. Let’s do both, with a metal funnel.

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The Stock Cycle

We grow, make and store, but that’s not near the whole story.
In order to really make the most of our resources, and reduce food waste, we need to be sure every single edible part of the plants we grow can be used. This is the ‘stock cycle’.

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your Basket


Level Zero is for absolute beginner gardeners