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Broadbean harvest

Growing broadbeans is easy.. but harvest time can be overwhelming. Here is the easiest way to get those babies into the freezer to enjoy over weeks ahead.

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Days warming up now, but with changeable weather continuing, often rain starting in the afternoon as the temperature drops. Frosts are also still well and truly on the agenda, but there is a lot can be done in the garden right now.

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Three-trick pony

This is not a recipe, but a lesson I learned from my Gran about seeing past the recipe and looking at foods as resources first and meals second.

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Staub, my one-pot.

My handsome cast iron 5.2L Staub Cocotte with Steamer, and boy is it earning its keep. The steamer on top takes it to a new level, so we get two ways to cook in every meal.

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Rex, old faithful.

Rex is our old faithful. No, not a dog, a jar. Rex jars. They and their WECK cousins preserve, store, display and celebrate your food beautifully. Zero plastic, oven, freezer and microwave safe too.

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My metal funnel

We want to love and buy local rather than import, reduce plastics and consumption of single use glass given it has a far lower rate of recycling than metal/tin. Let’s do both, with a metal funnel.

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