Chamomile is a sweet little member of the Asteraceae – the daisies that is – and is a must-have in your Level Zero garden. The seeds are the tiniest seeds we have in the whole garden, but if you can resist the temptation to pinch the flowers for tea, and keep their heads in the sun and their roots moist, then they will self-sow and cheefully volunteer next year, or you can collect for next year. Grow right next to your cucumber this month.

Chamomile is a seriously useful flower – irresistable to pollinators, ace either fresh or dried as a tea, beautifully fragrant in the house, and perfect as a companion to cucurbits that are also planted this season. Ladybugs and hoverflies loooove them and will come for the chamomile.. stay to eat the aphids. Mwahahahahaaa~.

The seed of this plant are seriously tiny, and very fragrant. You will smell them as soon as you open the packet – that’s a good thing. You should plant them right there in the bed between vegies, or as I have done this yeaar, sprinkled in between the stones of our garden shop path.. can’t wait to show you how lovely they look there.. patience, patience.
To see how we sow teeny-tiny seed, pop over to our sowing guide ⬇️

If you would like to make chamomile tea, then here is a great little article that shows the easiest method for chamomile and other simple herbal teas.

If like me you haven’t been the biggest herbal tea fan… try fresh, cool with ice rather than hot.  It has totally changed my mind about enjoying tea. 

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿