This story is for Richard, who asked ‘Is there a better product to use in the garden to tie plants than the polyester stuff in the shops – we don’t need more plastic in the garden’.
Sure is, Richard 🌿👍🙂 Here is how we make ours – reclaimed compostable cotton ties that last all year and when they fall apart, go right into the trenching.

🧶 garden ties in your garden toolkit

We use hemp, paper, bamboo, hardwood and wire in the garden for various purposes, but a bag of cotton garden ties is also super handy to have ready, and used for all sorts of quick seasonal jobs like I did just today – tying up plants going to seed, support for young fruit trees, attaching climbers and cucurbits to stakes – all sorts of great uses.

🧶 Snip n stretch. So easy.

You can make either ‘loop’ ties, or cut ties, and all you need is an old 100% cotton t-shirt, or in my case this year, old PJs that have been repaired and repaired, and are now ready for use in the garden.

For loops, cut across your t-shirt through both layers  in strips about an inch wide. For simple cut ties, just snip the loop open. I like loops as a find them more useful out in the garden.  After cutting them , pull the two ends and it will curl up on itself, making a yarn, of sorts. We keep ours in a zip mesh laundry bag and use them all year.

🧶 Useful.Compostable.

Seriously, that’s it. Put your old cotton clothing to good use in the garden. When you are finished with them, cut them up into the the bottom of your trenching hole and they will break down over the next year with everythig else. No waste, no expense.

Gotta LOVE that.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿