I learned a lot from my dad out in the garden – digging in the dirt, picking veg to eat for after school snacks, sitting together and watching the bees… A good buddy of mine has heard them all before, and asked me to share some here. ‘It will help folks get to know why you grow and teach as you do.’  So, here is my Dad’s golden advice, on the topic of Learning.

Literacy is the antidote to bullshit.

We are tasked as parents to develop literacy in our kids so they can interact with the world. Being reading-literate is one form; but there is also science-literate, number-literate, with creative, emotional and social literacy as well. To be intrigued and then challenged by small interesting things is a skill for life, as is recognising true skill and knowledge, as distinct from trend and opinion.

My dear straightforward dad summed it up this way..

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿