This will be a superfast story for a superfast pie – there’s not even a recipe – let’s go.
The key is my holey deep pie dish.

That’s holey, not holy. I have this non stick deep crusty pie pan with lots of holes that let the hot air in around the base whilst cooking, so no blind baking. Yay. Without that pan, I would likely not bother with pies at all. That might be lazy, but I am a food grower, not a dedicated baker. I’m okay with it.

Oops, I broke the pastry sheet; yes, that’s a store-bought shortcrust sheet. Bought sheets are smaller than they used to be. A single sheet goes part way up the sides, which is fine for me. If you want it full all way round, use two with excess on top in strips. I’m not that fussed.
Get your fruit or leftovers in there, STAT.

[above: Royal Gala apples, vanilla, cinnamon, ‘last of jar’ apricot jam]
LEFTOVER fillings eg: casserole, roast veg or meat, ‘Fridge bits Fritata’ including bacon, eggs, greens, pickles, pasta.. and other stuff you need to use up.
HARVEST fillings eg: seasonal glut fruit n veg like pumpkin, zucchini, tomato, rhubarb, apple, pear, apricots and berries.

Bake at 180 C, for 45 minutes – ish. Ts & Cs apply 😉

Don’t quote me on the time – my apple pie today was baked for 45 minutes, but it would be longer for a pie with dense filling, or with thicker pastry, or with a lid on top… ‘until it looks ready’ is my best suggestion, as rough as that is. For me, it is an hour – tree to pie – and that is about my attention span for baking. 🤪

👍BEST TIPS if you have a holey pan:
-hand wash right away, not dishwasher
-use only non-metal utensils so as not to scratch that surface

The holey pan also makes great pull-apart bread loaves and easter buns. (that story another time). If you can’t find a holey pan and you’d like one, we do have them in-store at the Garden Shop., and I’m thinking I might make up a bundle for the online store.. They also make for great Father’s and Mother’s Day pressies, for you to make yours a pie with love.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿