🌿We always hesitate to use virgin plastic, but our line in the sand has been a commitment to make plastics here earn their keep – these pipes are UV stable, tough and thick, waterproof and have lasted many years so far; used every summer and stored in winter.
 🌿 The goal is to have easy access to plant rootzones, encourage deeper rooting and minimise evaporation.
 🌿Not just water – we add lots of soil-yummies via the pipes – banana skins, blood n bone, sheep poop, coffee grounds, epsom salts, seaweed extract – you can start plants off with great stuff that breaks down with every watering.
🌿Fill the pipe with water right to the top. If it doesn’t fill, then water is escaping too quickly somehow. Check that the holes are beneath the soil surface.

Lengths of PVC pipe that we install with crops like corn, tomato, and others  that benefit from water bypassing leaves and delivered straight to the roots down deep.

Look wide, grow well, folks🌿.