It’s beet season again 💜 – early Spring is perfect for it, and I am planting mine this week. All members of the Amaranth family (beets) will love the cold nights and longer days – chard, spinach, beetroot..

Here is a round-up of our Beet resources so far:

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and a bonus recipe in case you still have frozen or pickled beets left from last year – no exact amounts, no pretty picture 😆

heavy base pot for slow cooking, classic base of chopped carrot, celery, garlic, onion (we are low FODMAP here so we used onion and garlic greens instead), cook a bit to start
👉 add cubed beef cheek, as much cubed beetroot as you like (raw, cooked, frozen, pickled.. doesn’t matter), tin or bottle of passata, swig or a swag of red wine, coupla spoons of brown sugar, some stock if you have it, mushies if you like em, and plenty of all herbs you have on hand – thyme, rosemary, oregano, bay… whatever. Add some water to just cover.
👉 all in the pot, lid on, low heat, simmer low n slow for at least two hours until the beef falls apart with a spoon or fork.

Serve with your favourite well-buttered mash (spud, sweet potato, celeriac, parsnip – oh stop it!!) and plenty of whatever greens are about – steamed beans, peas, mixed raw spinach and onion greens, or in-season asparagus.

If you make enough, have the rest tomorrow night with rice or make the BEST JAFFLES EVER!!!!

Look wide, grow well, folks.🌿