Frames can be made from all sorts of things. I don’t like wasting materials as you know, so I am always looking out for timber and steel I can repurpose. No matter how thrifty though, if it doesn’t do the job or look neat, then I’m out.

>> works and looks good <<

These frames are made from reclaimed steel and hardwood stakes. I had about two dozen stakes that were at the end of their working life, so lashed out for new ones – woohoo – should last about 5 years and so handy for all sorts of jobs. Today, they are holding up that frame.

>> think upside-down <<

See how well the metal frame carries the net without puncturing, and fits the bed width perfectly?.. They are actually old trampoline frame legs 😎 from the local recovery station (socially acceptable term for dump yard hehe)
The round frame sections left over will be welded together for an arbor… a project for another day.

>> peg and stake <<

I have used more of the stakes to hold the net down, but still easy to lift for access. I have a heap of metal hook pins (second hand turf pins) that I use to pin them into the bed. These nets would normally not be ideal, since the gauge is wide enough to hook birds, but since brassicas aren’t attractive to the birds, they don’t bother going near these. I also use reclaimed micro-net curtains for this job, but they are being used somewhere else.

So, there you have it – sturdy handy frames, no waste and look neat as a pin. There are many other frame materials and ideas I am sure. Please do comment with your solutions – we would love to hear them. BTW, do you like how dark and fluffy the soil looks in this bed?.. that is all down to trenching. Looks almost good enough to eat 😜🤓

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿