It is six weeks since we chucked the Level Zero garlic in, and in mid-winter, they are up and happy. Let’s take a look..

Unceremoniously chucked in the Level Zero alliums in late April.

Now they are up and happy as clams. Time to mark with a label – my favourite slate garden labels, and even the Alyssum self-seeding between them are poking out their first leaves. ✨🌱🌱🌱✨

I didn’t water them, fuss or in fact pay any attention at all.. and they are happily reaching for wintery mid afternoon sunrays. That there is Level Zero vegetable gardening in action.

They will tick along independent and strong, taking up natural rainfall and sporadic sunshine well into Spring through to Summer. We will drop in again next season 😉👍

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿