Gardening Australia magazine – DIGITAL – is cost effective, up-to-date, accessible, paperless and dang handy. Never read out-of-date magazines that you aren’t into in the doctor’s waiting room ever again👌

Books are forever, but if you are into articles, up-to-date news, tasty written treats and the latest thing, then go paperless; go digital.

Eight years ago we packed up all our paper Gardening Australia magazines and took them to the hospital waiting room. Then we went digital and haven’t looked back.

The Gardening Australia and Organic Gardener magazines – DIGITAL versions – are full of great stories, tips and tricks and all Australia-specific. Your perpetual seasonal journal will eventually become your own garden brains trust to pass on, but until then there are a few reliable and up-to-date references you must check out. Our blog is one, of course haha. This is another.

Take it with you on iPhone, iPad, Android, Zinio or HTML5 Reader

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly Recommended.

Gardening Australia magazine digital
Gardening Australia magazine
Digital Magazine Organic Gardener
Organic Gardener magazine

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Look wide; grow well, folks