So close! We very nearly got to open the garden shop – an idea hatched in November last year, after I had to retire early from the bookbinding trade I love because of years of close work over the bench, which had totally wrecked my joints. Since then, we have designed and planned, repaired the building (more to come), parking installed, garden developed, compostable packaging sourced, suppliers researched, and stock slowly gathered from all the best Grow, Make & Mend ideas we have – but with so many lockdowns and interruptions, only now are we ready.

Though we are technically not in City of Ballarat, we work, play and shop there, and many customers come from there too, so it makes sense to pause and give our neighbour city time to expell this ruddy virus. Aah well, we are all safe and healthy, and that is worth holding on for.

We will use this next week to take videos, pictures of the shop, show you our brands, and generally introduce the shop in the VIRTUAL.  You can follow along on our Instagram and Facebook feeds🌿

We will have a crack again at opening next Thursday Sep 23rd, if the lockdown ends. Fingers crossed 🙃

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿