You know those great recipes that keep you tagging along reading a ship-tonne of personal blah before you get to the good stuff? Not here.
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Killer Brownies is the name given to them by my buddy at one of our regular get-togethers. The first time we had them, I had cut them into the regular size for brownies and quickly discovered they are fudgey and rich. By rich, I mean RICH. A 3cm square size is more than enough  [EDIT: Hubby says man-size 5cm is still okay 😜] You can also mess about a bit with the dry ingredients to your liking.. more on that later in the Variations list.
WARNING ☺️ once you have made and tasted these, you can’t un-know them.
Don’t say you weren’t warned.
It begins with the usual Brownie line-up…
Butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate and dry ingredients.. but..
The richness comes down to using both chocolate and cocoa, and one secret ingredient 😎 – a herb (no, not THAT herb 🙄🤣) – a very common one. The cute little mauve flower on top in the picture is the clue.
The secret ingredient changes everything. Seriously, folks. Go there. You won’t be sorry. We highly recommend though that you don’t give away the secret before your guests eat these (though of course always check what folks are allergic to first) as before you know what it is, the bang-up-tasty-intrigue is delicious.
Something else we discovered during our taste test evening… despite chocolate and lemon not usually going well together, these are mind-blown-yum with a little dollop of lemon butter on top. Who knew. Do it. 🍫🍋✨

*This recipe can be made by hand, with a mixer or with a Thermomix.

Killer brownies


● 200 g dark chocolate buds
● 200 g butter
● 200 g sugar castor sugar melts quicker
● 3 whole eggs
● 120 g plain flour
● 30 g cocoa (raw cacao is even nicer)
● 1 tbsp finely chopped soft rosemary tips {sshh, this is the secret}

● Line a square tin (20-25cm square) and preheat oven to 170 degrees C.
● Melt chocolate and butter together over gentle heat, in microwave, or TMX(4min/60C/Sp2)
● Add sugar and stir to combine (or TMX 5sec/Sp4). This also cools down the mix before the next bit..
● Add eggs and mix well. (or TMX 5sec/Sp4)
● Add dry stuff and mix BUT DO NOT OVERWORK as overbeating makes the mix fluffier – ending up with a less fudgey more cakey result (unless that is your preference)
● Pour into the lined tin. Bake for about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven – but WATCH IT and pull out when the top is not sticky but still soft to touch. It will harden as it cools. This is not cake. If you cook it til it bounces back, it loses fudgey goodness and you end up with a sad stiff biscuit 😕

EQUIPMENT: Thermomix (TMX) or electric mixer or easy hand mixing, average size cake or brownie tin, whichever you have.
STORING: keeps on the bench in a cake tin for a few days, but please don’t refrigerate, as it will go hard.
VARIATIONS: We like these not too sweet, as we have them warm with ice cream. You can adjust the sugar to your taste. Melting the wet ingredients first makes it more gooey-yum. You can also fiddle about with the dry ingredients – substituting the flour with a portion of almond meal, or alternate flour.. experiment as we have. Oh my, served with lemon butter or ice-cream.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿