It’s Nightshade season again – late Spring is perfect for planting all members of the Nightshade (Solanum) family (tomatoes and their relatives). They will love the sunny days, as rare as they may seem right now, and my dad used to say that planting them AFTER MELBOURNE CUP DAY was the best plan to avoid the last of the heavy frosts. So, though I am not into the pony races at all, I do look forward to the big Tuesday starting gate, for my own race in the patch.

Here is a round-up of our beginners Nightshade resources so far: 

Meet members of the Nightshade family, ➡️HERE
The nitty-gritty of growing tomatoes and their cousins, ➡️HERE

Here is your bonus recipe in case you still have tomato-freezer-goodies left from last year – the basic recipe comes from the River Cottage, but it’s just a loose thing – use what you have 👍🙂 Essentially, you put the stock, cashews/chickpeas, onion greens and tomato all together and roast for a bit to concentrate flavours, then add herbs uncooked and whizz up whilst hot.  

Yes, I have freezer-tidy-syndrome. 😅 In this freezer-stash-receipe, I used tomato, basil, stock, rocket, onion greens, and flat bread, that you can see there in the picture. I had a few cashews in the cupboard, so tossed them into the roasting pan, and a splosh of balsamic glaze left in the bottom of a bottle.  Loads of parmesan on top, and Bob’s-yur-uncle 👍

Look wide, grow well, folks.🌿