Marigolds – so sunny and bright and a must-have in your Level Zero garden.

Marigolds on the border, in between rows, or even under tomatoes.

Marigold make outstanding border plants in your vegie garden, in between rows of leafy greens, or bedding plants near your Nightshades. We have used them under tomato vines with Basil to stop water splashing up onto the leaves. Have even heard that under plum trees keep aphids at bay, though haven’t tried that. Their petals are edible and pretty in salad (leaves too, but the taste can be a little bitter)

Pollinators and predators love to be near them; aphids don’t like them – win/win.

🌱Seed like miniature incense sticks🌱

 The seeds are like funny little sticks. In fact they hardly look like seeds at all, but they grow strong and fragrant, attracting helpful critters and making the mischievious ones less than comfortable.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿