I love local olive oil, and local sunflower oil, and peanut oil.
I want to show my local industries the love and buy local rather than import, and I want to reduce my consumption of glass given it has such a lower rate of recycling than metal/tin.

My favourite local olive oil is Red Island. I spend about $20 for a 3 litre tin, or it is about $9 per litre in a bottle. I use my trusty metal funnel (about 25 years old now) and decant from the tin to my dark glass bottle (olive oil doesn’t like direct sunlight, so I use the dark glass) that has worked well for more than a decade. The same bottle will easily last another decade or more. When the metal cap or plastic inner pourer break, given the diameter of bottle opening is standard, it is easy to find a replacement 🙂 I have decided that when this little plastic pourer thingy dies, I won’t bother replacing it at all.

The sunflower oil is in the clear bottle, and my peanut oil is in a hand charged mist sprayer, which is about 5 years old now.

So, no spray cans, no plastic bottles, three glass bottles for the decade, and tins of local oil that are cost effective and readily recyclable.

Job done – I’m happy.