Our creeping thyme is always the first to flower but we are really waiting for our common thyme to be in full bloom later in October.

🌿 Thyme in Napoleons has a long history

According to Mr George Morgan who grew thyme for more than 30 years at the biggest herb farm in the southern hemisphere, right here in Napoleons over one hundred years ago, mid to late Spring is the peak potency for thyme that will be dried. Seems he knew a thing or two, so we pick it then too.

This extract is from an article in the Weekly Times, October 1926.  It describes one of the many talks Mr Morgan gave to farming and Womens’ groups in Melbourne to encourage more folks to grow and sell herbs, and goes into excellent detail about what he learned during his transition from butcher to herb farmer.

It has been fun to scour through news of the past to hear about growing right here at our place. There is a lot we can learn from both local indigenous and local settlers.  We are not the first folks to grow food here, by far. It’s also a bit thrilling for a plant nerd 🤓🌿

What has been grown successfully in your area in the past?  A good way to search is to google your area and words like ‘crops’,’grown’, ‘indigenous food’,’farming’ in Trove – our National archive collection.

🌿 More stories about herbs

thyme and raspberry flowers from the garden

Why do gardeners bang on about growing herbs? They are a high value item to buy, flavour food without adding salt, sugar or fat, can be dried or frozen or used fresh daily, and grow almost anywhere in a bed, a row, a pot or even an old tin on a windowsill.

Look wide; grow well, folks 🌿