Spring is here, and whilst the wind and chilly mornings are with us for a while yet, the pollinators are already busy and doing great work in new sunshine. In our Level Zero flower calendar (the ‘just-chuck-em-in’ kind), Nigella are perfect to sow in September (though any time during Spring or Autumn is fine too).

Also known as ‘Love-In-A-Mist’, these look to be the most delicate of plants and blooms, but in truth they are tough as old nails and self-seed year after year. Planting some right there next to your vegies will bring not only the usual contenders, but with their blue brilliance, be on the radar of native blue-banded bees too.

After flowers, these fun balloon shaped seedpods develop that look ripper in flower arrangements. As they dry, you will hear the seed rattling inside.
Pick the pods and put into a paper bag as soon as they dry off, or they’ll open and flick their seed before you know it.. not that it matters really – they are great to find volunteering around the garden.

Nigella seed is edible, as well as the blooms. Freeze blue blooms into icecubes for a fun afternoon drink, or use on cupcakes for a pretty garnish. The seed are a nutmeg-like flavour, and look great on cakes and as part of a morning seed and cereal mix.

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Look wide, grow well, folks 🌿