Days are warming, but with changeable weather continuing, often rain starting in the afternoon as the temperature drops. Frosts are also still well and truly on the agenda, but there is a lot can be done in the garden right now.

It’s cucurbit season again 🧡 – mid Spring is perfect for planting all members of the Cucurbit family (melons and gourds). They will love daytime sun rays, as rare as they seem, and by the time their true leaves are up, frosts will be mostly gone.

Here is a round-up of our beginners Cucurbit resources so far:

Meet members of the Cucurbit family, ➡️HERE
The nitty-gritty of growing melons and gourds, ➡️HERE

and a bonus recipe in case you still have pumpkins left from last year – no exact amounts, no pretty picture 😆

 in a roasting pan, chop up half a peeled pumpkin (or a full smaller one) into bite size pieces, as much bacon or speck as you like, a tin of chickpeas (to increase the protein in the dish), 
👉 add goats cheese cubes if you like, a splash of olive oil, salt n pepper, a swish of maple syrup and a sprinkle all over of paprika
👉 roast in the oven, uncovered on 200 C for about 30 mins. Take out and mix/turn with a spoon to make sure all pumpkin is covered in yummy flavoured oil.
👉Then cover with a sheet or two of puff pastry, washed with egg on top, and some poppy seeds for fancy,  and bake on 180C for another 30 mins.

Serve with mixed greens from the garden – lots at this time of year – onions greens, rocket, coriander, parsley, brassica thinnings…

oh, and if you have other veg in the freezer or fridge, you can sub them in 

Yes, I have freezer-tidy-syndrome. 😅 In this receipe, if I was to choose another flavour, I’d go for parsnip, thyme, stock and onion greens, all from the freezer.

Look wide, grow well, folks.🌿