The Oscillating Hoe is not only essential for easy weed control, it is almost embrassingly enjoyable. True story.

You don’t need chemicals to weed garden beds. You don’t even need to bend or kneel.

This stainless steel oscillating hoe tool works by cutting and pulling weeds just under the soil surface so as to not disturb nearby plants and surrounding soil life. It is one of the garden tools we use every day.

It is beautifully balanced, works on both push and pull motions, and is the perfect between-row width, allowing you to weed right up to the base of garden plants. Even just a minute or so is enough to make an impact in an area at a time whilst weeds are still small. You can do it even in your work gear, in a moment to or from the car. It is so easy and effective, it will seriously make your weeding an enjoyable part of your day – we swear, its true.  #askmehowiknow

Tino from Gardening Australia says this is his favourite hoe.  
We agree.

When we say Level Zero is vegetable gardening for ABSOLUTE beginners, we mean it. We are keen to show the tools and skills we use every day in very short simple demos, so our first series of videos on the ‘Tube is called the 30 Second Series. Our first one is on how to use the Oscillating Hoe. Soon we will have others on planting, using other tools, trenching and all sorts. Special thanks go to our technical advisor (Mr15)👍, because we are Level Zero at making videos 😉.

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Though ridiculously handy, these babies are not always easy to find. If you are local to us in Napoleons near Ballarat and would like to order one, please do pop over to the Garden Shop ⬇️

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