Contactless Cutlery zip pouch ‘cactus’ design

$ 25.00

Our contactless Travel Cutlery zip pouch is hand made and the perfect size to take your own cutlery from home and includes two linen napkins – one to use and one in the wash.



Hand-made by my mum, each one unique, and long enough to fit full size cutlery from home*. 😊

Reduce waste and be totally sure of where your eating tools have been. Whether you are eating out, at work or a friend’s house, or choosing food pick-up, contactless cutlery has never been more handy. You brought it with you, clean, from home.  Importantly, it still needs to be super convenient, easy to carry around and look good.

This cotton and linen lined zipped pouch also includes two hand napkins – one to wipe hands and mucky mooshes, then wipe and wrap your cutlery until you get home. The second napkin is to replace it whilst it is in the wash.

At first, I tried to use a slim pencil case but found them too short to use full size knife and fork. Then I tried a drawstring pouch but things poked out in my bag – Mum to the rescue ❤️. If you don’t want to break a set of cutlery at home, you could always grab some at the op-shop to use.

*Cutlery not included. This item is designed to hold your cutlery from home.

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Additional Info

Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions28 × 9 × 1.5 cm

full kit, instructions only



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Hand-made fabric goodies right here in Ballarat. All cotton, compostable at end of life.