TOYO Toolboox T-152 (Black)

$ 25.00

External size: 154x105x29mm
Internal size: 137x88x19mm
All-steel construction
Weight: 0.15kg
Made in Osaka

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In 1969, Toyo Steel manufactured the world’s first seamless steel toolbox. Ever since, Toyo Steel continue to manufacture their toolboxes to be simple, sturdy, rugged and yet beautiful.

The T-190 is designed to be stackable, so keeping a few together is dead easy, and is small enough to carry in a bag, making it great for taking on adventures. The lid stays securely shut with it’s sprung clip until you are are ready to open it up.

This model is incredibly versatile, and just as happy in the shed as it is in the home. We love it for storing our carving tools and half-finished projects, and can testify that it makes for a helluva pencil case, portable paint kit or sewing kit. But beyond that, it is perfect for keeping tools of any craft organised and close to hand.

weight and size

Additional Information

Weight250 g
Dimensions16 × 11 × 3 cm