Viola ‘Johnny Jump-Ups’ seeds, Flowers for Pollinators series

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Who can resist the supercute kitten faces of Viola Johnny Jump-Ups. Edible blooms and long-flowering, these are perfect companions to your vegies.

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Who can resist the supercute kitten faces of Johnny Jump-Ups. In our Level Zero Flowers for Pollinators project, July is the month to plant them, but any time Autumn to Spring is fine.. This heritage variety will flower for many months. Harvesting the edible blooms will encourage even more kittens to jump up . Be sure to leave some on at the end though, and they will go to seed by themselves, and become cheery volunteers in your garden.  Lovely. There are about 200 tiny seeds in your packet, by weight.

Variety: Viola cornuta var. Helen Mount (Johnny Jump-Ups), also known as Wild Pansy or Heartsease

Planting: Plant direct into the soil, just below the surface, in full sun. Water in lightly with a gentle Shower on your pattern Sprayer. 📺 GO HERE to see how to sow teeny-tiny seed.

Growth: Grows to about 20cm high and 20cm wide, and flowers begin about 3 months after planting.

Edible Blooms: Add blooms to salads and suspend in summer ice blocks for your afternoon delight.

For more: read more about growing and using Viola on the blog

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