Tiny seeds. Teeeeeny-tiny seeds.
Seeds like Violas, Alyssum, Carrot and poppy. 
How on earth do we direct-sow them so they don’t all bunch up together or get lost? 

My dad showed me how when I was a wee lass, and I show folks who come to the garden. Now more than ever, people are gardening but have perhaps not had the benefit of learning very basic skills when young like I did.

Sowing Method #1 for flower seeds:

If you don’t mind transplanting some later (another skill for another day), then Sowing them is as easy as swapping or buying a packet of seed (just one will do – these are vegie bed flowers and will take up just a smidge of space), rip the packet, scratch up the soil with your dibber or the totally indispensable garden knife (or even an old fork), sprinkle seeds on the soil, scratch in again to cover, and walk away. Ground moisture and rain will water them.

Seriously the quickest way to plant your pollinator food flowers each month
  1. I made rough scratched rows with my garden knife to put the teeny tiny seed
  2. sowed the seed (nothing too precious, just guessed) and then scratched the other way to cover them but still leave mini furrows to keep them from floating away in any rain
  3. used some scrap twigs from the morning pruning of a bush to poke in around them to remember where I planted them, keep the birdies off and provide a mini wind break. Also if I want to cover with a tea towel on heavy frost nights, it grabs onto the twigs and won’t blow away. 
  4. All in and ready for rain. If it’s quite dry at your place, then a light sprinkle every other day til they pop up is enough. 

Sowing Method #2 for flower seeds:

If you prefer to have your seed socially distanced (2020 joke), then the above quick sprinkle method won’t do. Because not everyone can get here to our place to see the more precise method in person, we have made a video. You’ll need no special tools… So here it is, Sowing teeny-tiny seed, in 30 seconds:

If you like the idea of sowing Flowers for Pollinators every month, right there next to the vegies in your garden, then we have the seeds, allocated each month, to get you going. If you are super keen, you can learn to collect seed later (a story for another day) and replant next year 🌿

Sowing Method #3 PRE_WET sowing:

Larger seeds, or those with a corky or hard outer husk can benefit from pre-soaking to hydrate them, give them a head start, and keep them firmly in place. We have made a video to show you how we plant these large seeds. In the video are beetroot seeds.I will plant some now, and more in two weeks, then two weeks after that, to spread out the harvest season. The seeds have been soaking in warm water overnight, and the garden bed is watered well too. Time to plant. Let’s go.

If you like the Dibber I used in the video, then you can find it available in the GardenShop 🌿

➡️ Flower seeds in the Garden Shop ⬅️

Next summer when they seed, we will do a video showing the harvesting, so you can do it too.

Look wide, Grow well, folks 🌿