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Level Zero Cucurbits

This is growing cucurbits at Level Zero for absolute beginner gardeners. Learn to grow these, and the rest of the family will fall into place. The most easy to grow, and those we prefer here in our patch, are CUCUMBER and ZUCCHINI for fresh summer eating, and PUMPKIN if you prefer to play a long game and save food for winter months. Let’s go.

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The Cucurbits

These are the Cucurbitaceae – the cucurbit family – also referred to as the Gourds, the Squashes, or the Melons. There are more members of this family found in vegie gardens world-wide than any other, so well worth a look. Let’s meet them.

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Zucchinis grow up!

There is just one way you can get another 4 weeks out of your zucchini plants and avoid the dreaded mildew attack. Here is how it is done.

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