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FedUni murnong project 2020

This is the #FedUniMurnong Citizen Science project 2020. Participants (me included) become custodian of 20 plants of an undisclosed subspecies of endemic Microseris for about three years. Frankly, it’s a real privilege to be involved and bloody exciting for a plant nerd.

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Poorneet – tadpole season.

The Spring Equinox in September marks our local Kulin nation indigenous season, ‘Poorneet’ – Tadpole Season. Growling Grass Frogs mate and lay their eggs in foamy rafts along reedy banks, and it is at this time that they hatch into darting tadpoles.

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Haiku, more than just poems

Haiku in the garden are valuable. They help us to slow down, to be still and quiet for a moment, and feel the season. They are the beginning of a conversation with the place where we grow.

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