my favourite STAUB cast iron cooking pot

Staub, my one-pot.

We have two favourite cooking vessels that are deeply connected to our family life. When the kids come home and see them, lid on and burbling quietly away on the stove, they know whatever one-pot meal comes next is gonna be special.

One was inherited – he’s a small oval cast iron trooper that has served two generations now – over 50 years of wholelotalove cooking and still makes amazing bread, one-pot-chicken-to-die-for and rolled turkey in Springtime.

My second one is new, a handsome cast iron 5.2L Staub Cocotte with Steamer, and boy does it earn its keep. Growing food and trying to keep energy use to a minimum means that one-pot miracles are always welcome, and as the weather cools, we are using it on the wood stove top as well. The steamer on top takes it to a new level, so we get two ways to cook in every meal:

  • Soup with dumplings
  • ragout and potato mash
  • baked sweet potato with steamed fragrant greens
  • curry and rice
  • saffron rice with steamed fish
  • slow pulled pork and baked potato
  • bread down the bottom, and a cheeky danish on top

Grow and eat well, folks 🌿🥘

Rex jar of preserves

Rex, old faithful.

REX jars preserve, store, display and celebrate your food.

The REX handsome jars and lids are glass, with seals of rubber and clips of metal; these are a celebration of plastic-free making. They love the freezer, microwave and oven, and look dang good out on the table.

All parts are interchangeable with their cousins in the WECK family, and when you buy a case of 6, the box they come in is a storage plus. Very handy.