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Level Zero Beets

This is growing beets at Level Zero for absolute beginner gardeners. Learn to grow these, and the rest of the Amaranth family will fall into place. The two most easy beets to grow, and those we prefer here in our patch, are BEETROOT and SPINACH.

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Welcome to Level Zero.

There is a level zero for every garden skill, but most books and garden shows don’t start there.
Here are a few basic rules to help us focus on what is really important when just starting out.

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Level Zero Asparagus

Asparagus is a Level Zero gardening treasure. It isn’t that fussy, will likely grow without attention and pop up with surprise goodies every Spring to remind you that you are still kicking goals. Sweet. 😉👌🌿

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Why not Composting?

We get this question a lot – why not just use a compost heap? Well, we did that, but in the end went back to a very old method that works better for us. Find out more.

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