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berry tidy bed

Once in Spring or Summer we tidy the berry bed. We have strawberries and blueberries in together because they enjoy the same conditions. It’s not a complete pull-through, just routine stuff that takes about an hour, tops. Come see how.

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Zucchini experiment 2020

Every year we experiment with new ideas and ways to push the food-growing envelope. We have successes and failures. Plenty of failures. Sometimes though, we slam dunk a winner, and a lot of our growing practices come from incorporating them into the seasonal calendar.

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marigolds in spring for pollinators

Marigolds – so sunny and bright and a must-have in your Level Zero garden. The seeds are like funny little sticks. In fact they hardly look like seeds at all, but they grow strong and fragrant, attracting helpful critters and making the mischievious ones less than comfortable.

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level zero nightshades

This is growing nightshades at Level Zero for absolute beginner gardeners. Learn to grow these, and the rest of the family will fall into place. The easiest to grow are the potatoes, and everyone wants tasty tomatoes too, so we start there. Let’s go.

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Broadbean harvest

Growing broadbeans is easy.. but harvest time can be overwhelming. Here is the easiest way to get those babies into the freezer to enjoy over weeks ahead.

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the nightshades

These are the Solanaceae – the nightshade family of so many summer flavours we love. Besides potatoes, the ones we eat are technically fruits of these plants. Now that frosts are gone, it is time to get them going. Let’s meet them.

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It has taken us a while to settle on a harvest routine for alliums, but we got there. I need them LOFO (low-FODMAP), Hubby has a mix, and the kids love them any-which-way. How do we get the most out of alliums with such a high maintenance family? There is a way.

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Level Zero Cucurbits

This is growing cucurbits at Level Zero for absolute beginner gardeners. Learn to grow these, and the rest of the family will fall into place. The most easy to grow, and those we prefer here in our patch, are CUCUMBER and ZUCCHINI for fresh summer eating, and PUMPKIN if you prefer to play a long game and save food for winter months. Let’s go.

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My weed hitlist – Erodium

Oils aint oils, and weeds aint weeds. We have a lot of weeds that come and go. Some we tolerate, some we eat, some we manage, and SOME that are just plain nasty and must go. I have a hitlist of weeds to look out for and target at our place each season, and this is one of them. Erodium – ‘Storksbill’ or ‘corkscrew’ weed. Grrr.

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napoleons THYME

Thyme has a long history in Napoleons – more than a hundred years. It is so easy to grow, and it is harvest time very soon.

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your Basket


Level Zero is for absolute beginner gardeners