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napoleons THYME

Thyme has a long history in Napoleons – more than a hundred years. It is so easy to grow, and it is harvest time very soon.

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The Cucurbits

These are the Cucurbitaceae – the cucurbit family – also referred to as the Gourds, the Squashes, or the Melons. There are more members of this family found in vegie gardens world-wide than any other, so well worth a look. Let’s meet them.

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Level Zero Beets

This is growing beets at Level Zero for absolute beginner gardeners. Learn to grow these, and the rest of the Amaranth family will fall into place. The two most easy beets to grow, and those we prefer here in our patch, are BEETROOT and SPINACH.

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Poorneet – tadpole season.

The Spring Equinox in September marks our local Kulin nation indigenous season, ‘Poorneet’ – Tadpole Season. Growling Grass Frogs mate and lay their eggs in foamy rafts along reedy banks, and it is at this time that they hatch into darting tadpoles.

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Volunteers welcome

Who wouldn’t want more volunteers in the garden? If you do trenching, you’ll have more show up than you could have hoped for, and every single one happy and tasty. Haha.

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Haiku, more than just poems

Haiku in the garden are valuable. They help us to slow down, to be still and quiet for a moment, and feel the season. They are the beginning of a conversation with the place where we grow.

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