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Trenching garden bed waste

Aside from collecting scraps etc. from the kitchen, the other MAJOR source of organics (plant matter) that we use to improve and build great soil in the garden is the exact stuff that took the nutrients out of that garden space in the first place. Here is how..

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Volunteers welcome

Who wouldn’t want more volunteers in the garden? If you do trenching, you’ll have more show up than you could have hoped for, and every single one happy and tasty. Haha.

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Try Trenching

Not enough space or time for composting, or just not keen? Try trenching instead to use your food waste, no matter how big or small your place is.

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Why not Composting?

We get this question a lot – why not just use a compost heap? Well, we did that, but in the end went back to a very old method that works better for us. Find out more.

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