Thank you for your kind words…

“I followed your [asparagus] guidelines… The thing I didn’t know how to grow is the one thing that is growing well. My kiddo is going to be so excited to see it.… >>> READ THE REST


Iso-gardening seemed like a good idea but the ‘beginner’ book we got online was too much information! Pretty relieved to find the Level Zero of growing veg. We are on our way.… >>> READ THE REST

Ricky & family

“Asparagus always seems so exotic. You say I can keep it in a pot even? I’ll give it a try and yell out if I get stuck. I am in Adelaide BTW 🙂” (Facebook)


“I love your photos. This is amazing!” (Insta)


“Garden Haiku.
Such a nice activity.
In the Summer shade.”


“Marmalade cake YUM get in my mouth please.”


“Hello from Osaka o< we don’t have a garden because our apartment is on 11th floor. Your garden is very enjoyable.”… >>> READ THE REST


“One phrase so simple but has changed everything, ‘there is no away‘.
That one phrase is reshaping how we eat and live”


“haha – just realised you are in Australia!
I’m in Arizona but still totally hooked. Your mustard recipe is a big hit!”


“We’ve had tries at growing food before but it got too hard.
We realise now we don’t have to get in so deep. One step at a time.”