I’m 5 feet and not quite 1 inch tall – comfortable with it – hasn’t stopped me in the garden. I’ve been strong and agile, and know my way round a good ladder. 😉

Things change, but the garden keeps growing.🌿

However, I also have Ehlers-Danlos which made me conveniently flexible – unbreakable – in my youth, but is now increasingly annoying. My small hands are not near so strong as they were, but i am determined to keep doing all my regular jobs in the garden mostly by adjusting my tools and routines.

Tools that fit.👌

On the left, LOWE #1 Anvil pruners. On the right, LOWE #5 for smaller hands.

These days I use pruners, rakes, forks and shovels made for shorter folks. If you have smaller hands, dicky knees, limited mobility or shorter than 5’10” and just don’t pack the punch you used to, then there ARE tools for you to reduce stain and keep you motoring along in your garden just fine without the force needed for larger species of worktool.

Species somewhat rare 🤓

We will be specialising in these tools and introduce more of them into the Garden Shop. You mostly won’t find them in the mainstream chains, because they aren’t the volume lines, but I am always on the lookout.

We are also passionate about reducing waste and have a dedication to ‘buy-once’ wherever possible. The LOWE pruners all come in packaging that isn’t destroyed to be opened – the plastic comes off intact and can be replaced for storage or recycled. The card backing contains useful info and shows how the pruners come apart for repair with spare parts, and even separated into materials at end-of-life for proper recycling.

LOWE pruners can be repaired and separated into end-of-life materials

We’ve got you. 👍

We stock both the regular size #1, and the smaller size #5 LOWE Anvil pruners. They are both strong, efficient, excellent pruners. We also have LOWE bypass pruners in both regular and smaller hand too, if you prefer that style.

You can find them all, here.

Look wide; grow well 🌿