Lunch on the go – not a thing we might think about in lockdown at the moment, but giving my bag a tidy out this week I thought folks might like to see my super handy home made travel lunch kit. Of course, with contactless food pickup, it is also a way to be totally sure of where your eating tools have been.

It started with taking Mr 16 out for a sushi lunch, and when it arrived with another paper napkin, plastic cutlery, straw and bottled water, we thought ‘we don’t need all this stuff’. We have plenty of perfectly good cutlery at home – just need something to keep it in.

home made travel cutlery kit

My mum made me a 10 inch zipper pouch.

The pouch was made by my mum using one of my favourite blue fabrics. Thanks mum xx You can find them for sale in our garden shop, here. This is what is inside (but of course include anything you like):

  • A linen napkin made from some leftover linen. I use it to wipe cutlery and cleanups after a meal. I have another couple that I can sub-in quickly when this one is chucked into the wash.
  • A pair of plastic chopsticks – yes plastic I know but I have had these for more than 15 years and they are small and handy… why waste them and buy more?
  • Two little plastic spoons from our local gelataria, cause we love going there so much but not a fan of disposable plastic spoons. Two because gelato is much more fun with a friend. We just kept a pair and use them over and over.
  • Two metal straws – the cleaner brush is at home.
  • A full size knife and fork from home. It’s so easy to just take home and replace. There doesn’t seem any point to disposable stuff all the time. I have a spoon too but it went into the wash and I forgot to include it in the photo.

I did try to use a pencil case but found them a smidge too short to use full size knife and fork. Mum to the rescue – haha. If you don’t want to break a set of cutlery at home, you could always grab some at the op-shop to use.

We now stock these Travel Cutlery zip Pouches in the gift section of our Garden Store, and mum included a linen napkin in each 💜. Check them out 🙂