The cheerful purple and yellow kitten faces of viola ‘Johnny Jump-ups’ are easy to plant and care for, so they are ideal for our Level Zero Flowers for Pollinators project. It is a smaller cousin of the pansy, and is also known as Heartsease, Wild Pansy and Sweet Violet. Though not as varied in colour, it flowers more prolifically than pansies.

~FROST~ These winter seeds are hardy, but if your place gets some serious Jack Frost action or you would like to give your seeds a head start, then even just an upturned plastic ‘roller box’ type container over the top at night with a brick weight on top will be more than enough protection until they get going. You could also try a temporary tunnel, if you are really keen 👍

Johnny Jump-Ups love sunshine, but they are happy enough in part sun too.
In our project, we plant them in July because they are not too bothered about cold weather, and will just snooze til the soil warms a little, and then spring into action. That said, you can plant them any time from Autumn to early Spring.

Viola seed are tiny. Teeeeny-tiny. To see the two methods we use to plant them, jump over to our sowing guide

🌱Two Sowing Methods easy flower seeds🌱

They will likely flower about 3 months after seedling heads pop up from slumber, and bloom like mad. Harvesting the edible blooms for salad, ice blocks or sugared for cakes will encourage even more kittens to jump up . Be sure to leave some on at the end though, and they will go to seed by themselves, and become cheery volunteers in your garden.

Viola have a teeny-tiny-size seed.

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Viola kitten faces are like beacons to pollinators, steering them to you vegies

Look wide, Grow well, folks 🌿